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Create a song with a grade level or entire school!

Write a song to support your character education initiatives, social emotional curriculum, STEAM, or even a custom school song!

You can have your song recorded and the kids can also be included in the recording. Contact for more details.

Here is a rough outline of how your songwriting experience will unfold:

1. Planning Meeting / Brainstorming Content of Song (can be done with email, phone, or whatever works best for you).

          Brian and Andre brainstorm with teachers or school contact to decide the overall content of the song. The options are limitless. Possible topics include:

            - Character Education

            - Mindfulness

            - Growth Mindset / Positive Mindset

            - School Song / School Spirit

            - STEAM Curriculum

2. Virtual meeting with everyone involved in writing the song. A fun and interactive introduction to songwriting. Subgroups will be determined at the planning meeting.  Each subgroup is assigned a topic that will become their verse. (Approximately 30 minutes)

          Examples of subgroups: a grade level writes 1 song, and each class in that grade writes a verse with the songwriter. Depending on school size, classes can be paired up. Or, if a School Song is written, each grade level can write a verse with the songwriter.

3. Songwriters meet virtually with each sub group to guide them in writing their verse. Each group brainstorms important ideas about their topic, looking for rhyming words and key ideas. Songwriter will then help students turn those ideas into a poem that will become their verse of the song. Songwriter will brainstorm musical possibilities with students. (Approximately 40 minutes)

4. Virtual meeting with everyone involved with writing the song. Final decisions on arrangement and how the song will sound. Songwriter will then perform your new song! (Approximately 30 minutes)

5. (optional) - 30 minute virtual full school assembly showcasing your new song.

6. (optional) - Brian and Andre record song and provide school with a mp3.

Virtual songwriting

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