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Elementary & Middle School Team Building Workshops - Programs


      Being a valuable member of a team is an important key to success. To help kids learn how to be a positive member of a team, Brian facilitates a workshop program that focuses on team building skills. This workshop has been proven to be very successful in many environments throughout the Capital Region of New York as well as in Long Island, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut elementary and middle schools. Through varying tasks, children learn about group dynamics, how everyone has their own unique strengths and most importantly how to work through the inevitable differences that are encountered when dealing with people's differing personalities. The team building workshop is a great Character Education tie in!

     Brian has also found the team building workshop to be successful within the corporate world. The same ideas ring true for adults as for children when it comes to learning how to be an effective part of a team.

     Whether you are part of a school, business or other organization, Brian has experience to share, and will be happy to brainstorm with you to meet your specific team building needs and goals

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