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Rock Out For Reading!

If you’re looking for a fun PARP or reading month assembly program, Rock Out For Reading! is a great choice! All of Brian’s original songs are geared toward getting the audience involved and fired up about reading as a life long adventure. This is a fun way to reinforce your PARP program or reading month as a kick off or finale assembly or evening event. 

Whatever your theme may be, Brian will embed it into his engaging exchanges with the audience. 


In workshops with a focus group or groups, Brian can engage your students in the writing process as they write their own original song about the adventure of reading, using their favorite books as part of the theme. The song can be part of the performance! 

Target age: Pre K - 5
Program length: 45 minutes 

Suggested theme ideas:

  • Rock Out For Reading

  • Read Like A Rock Star

  • Reading Rocks

  • Reading Roundup

  • Reading Corral 

  • Reading Is Out Of This World

  • Reading Road Trip, USA

  • Cosmic Connections at Your Library

  • Treasure Your Library

  • Rock 'N' Read.

  • Thrills & Chills At The Library

  • Peer-Amid Books

  • Adventure Begins at Camp Read-A-Lot

  • Books Make The World Go Round

  • Books Come In All Flavors

  • Dive Into A Good Book

  • Western Frontier!

  • Summer Safari : Stalk A Story

  • Space And Beyond : Find Your Own Space With A Book

  • Dino-Soaring Into Books

  • Your Library -- Greatest Show of All!

  • Have a Bearable Summer

  • All Aboard The Reading Railroad!

  • Go Hog Wild With Books

  • Superreader

  • Your Library -- The FUN FACTory

  • Fantasy Summer

  • Reading Safari

  • Hawaiin Luau

  • Reading Road

  • Read Across The USA

  • Clued Into Reading

  • Hats Off To Reading

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