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Creative Problem Solving


Our creative problem solving program is a great way to help students get used to group dynamics and work with others to achieve goals. We utilize a proven template that helps students learn to employ creative problem solving skills in various environments. 

This template consists of:

  • Identifying goals

  • Brainstorming

  • Making choices

  • Organizing

  • Practicing


These skills will not only transfer outside the program to create Art, but they are also useful for students to use to achieve all of their curricular tasks, as well as responsibilities they need to get done in their daily lives. Throughout the workshops, students work on tasks and learn to look at what roles they play in the group, how to use the template and how the group can work together to complete the tasks. This program offers a great way to incorporate curriculum and Character Education into Arts in Education.

For a program covering a broader range of skills, we can also incorporate a great writing piece within these workshops.

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