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Celebrate Nutrition with Chip Chevalier and Rich Ortiz

...Our mission is to reach children through the school system to make healthy choices in everyday life in an interactive, upbeat and engaging way. This assembly program features upbeat songs covering topics like nutrition, "Building a Better Me" through physical activity, good hygiene, positive interaction with others, self esteem, respect and is without a doubt a fun way to bring a positive message to your school. This 45 minute musical journey will have your children singing, laughing and learning... 

We will travel to: NY, CT, NJ, MA, PA, VT.

Sample Songs

Celebrate Nutrition!

I'll be good to my body
I'll be good to my mind
I'll make healthy choices
I'll be doing all right
The decisions I'm making
Like the food that I eat
Like moving my muscles
And getting my sleep
Makes my day complete

Celebrate nutrition
You've got make good decisions
It's up to you
What you do
But I'm gonna celebrate me 

I've got a good buddy
He's a really good guy
When comes down to eatin
He don't want to try
Fish for brain power
Or carrots for his eyes
It's time for him to realize

My little sister
Is a pain, but she's sweet
Get's up in the morning
Goes straight to TV
Come on little sister
Let's go out and play
We'll make a healthy choice today

With the choices I'm making
I'm feeling better each day
My healthy habits
Are here to stay
Now my friends and my family
Are singing my songs
Now won't you help us sing along

Mix It Up!

Red, fruits
Yellow, fats and oils
Blue, milk and dairy
Meat, beans fish and nuts

Is any one of these enough?
You gotta mix it up
Mix it up

Grains, get your bread
Pasta or your cereal
I like eating rice
Everybody, don't think twice 
Here we go…
Mix it up

We're building a food pyramid
One bite at a time - mix it up
Building a food pyramid
For your body and your mind - mix it up
Building a food pyramid
For your health and for mine - mix it up

Veggies green and orange ones,
Green peas and carrots lettuce and asparagus
Beats, brussel sprouts and broccoli,
Just to name a few
Are you ready…

fruits like bananas
oranges and apples
they give us good energy
And they sure do taste real sweet

Fats and oils aren't a food group
But they're important to
Butter on your mashed potatoes
A little bit will do

Milk and dairy are important
We're building healthy bones
So have yourself a glass of milk
Or cheese on your crackers

Meats, beans, fish and nuts
There's so many we can choose
Eggs, fish sticks, peanut butter
We have our five food groups
So put them all together
One bite at a time
So mix it up

The Green Veggie Blues

Well I walked down to dinner
And what did see
A big, ugly Brussel sprout
Staring back at me
What am I gonna do
I don't want to cause a big scene
But how can my mamma
Make me eat something so green

I gotta eat my green vegetables (response from crowd)
I gotta eat my green vegetables 
I gotta eat my green vegetables 
I gotta eat my green vegetables 
I gotta eat my green vegetables 
Because they're good for me

I was minding my own business
Just a reading a book
Mama called me down to dinner
And I knew I was took
She said listen son
I'm not trying to be mean
But your not leaving the table
'til you finish your green beans

Well I went down to lunch
There it was on my plate
It was mushy and bumpy
I said, so this is my fate
There were 15 green peas
What am I gonna do
Please pass the salt and pepper
So I can start to chew

Maybe I can hide it underneath my ham
Or behind that picture of my great uncle Stan
When mama's not looking it could go in my shoe
Or I could mail in a letter down to Timbuktu

Well I been trying all these vegetables
Mom wants me to eat
Hey what do you know
These peas are kind of sweet
So pass me some more Brussel sprouts
'Cause I'm not through
I love my green vegetables
And so should you 

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