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Character Education / Anti-Bullying Workshops & Assemblies 

Brian and Andre Chevalier have been engaging and inspiring audiences in schools since 1995 with his highly interactive Character Education and Anti-Bullying school assemblies in NY, LI, NJ, VT, PA, MA, CT. 

Back to School Character and anti-bullying assemblies are a great way to kick of your character and anti bully programs in September and October. Brian has performed extensively throughout NY (including Long Island), New England and throughout the country. He will travel throughout the U.S. and Canada, but additional travel charges may apply. Brian has been a sought after part of many school’s Character Education programs. He has become a regular guest presenter at The Character Education academy at Russell Sage College in Albany, NY, where he performs with students from schools he has written original character based songs with. Brian’s Character Education performances are highly participatory and upbeat. His shows are 45 minutes in length. His performance will energize your school community and help you reinforce your Character Ed themes in a fun and interactive way.

The Chevalier’s performances celebrate good character and send a solid message about Respect, Fairness, Cooperation, Bullying, Good Citizenship, Teamwork, Responsibility, Making Healthy Choices, Caring, Sharing and Empathy with your students without talking “at” them.

"The Ultimate Character Education Residency" 


Students Write Original Character Education Songs with Brian's Guidance, and then Cut an Actual CD!



This multiple day residency can be done with classroom teachers or with music teachers or a combination of both. Classroom teachers don’t need to be afraid of the music aspect. Brian leads the class in writing a decision at a time!


You can create Character Ed. messages that address the specific needs of your Character Education program. The beauty of this residency is that once the residency is over you have a CD of the songs that you can use in assemblies for years to come. You can write a school song!

Brian guides the students to write the songs in a variety of styles, so you can end up with a collection of songs that include Folk, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Island, Blues, Country, whatever direction you want to go in.

Character Day 

Have a focus group (such as a class or a grade level) create an original Character Education song for your class/school. The writing process is a great way to engage kids in a deep, meaningful discussion about character, bullying, self-esteem or any other topics you would like to include in the song. 

They will perform this song with Brian in a school wide assembly that same day.This is often a 2 day process in which the students write the song on the first day and perform it in a school wide assembly on the second day. You can also include a studio quality recorded copy of this song for your school's future use.

Through a discussion on the phone with a representative from the school or parent group Brian plans the overall direction and message to be contained in the song he will write with your school.  

Write a school song and include your school's Character Education school wide theme. Write a song based on your favorite characters from books. Tie in your school's modo. Personalize the song to your school. 

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