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Gather Here!

Interactive multicultural Assembly Program | Grades K-8

*Now Available Virtually!*

Celebrate diversity in your school


“Gather Here” is a 45 minute live multicultural show that shines a light on different cultures from around the world in a fun, musical and interactive way. Along with the Chevaliers’ live, interactive songs, it will engage children with a colorful power point presentation showing how and why people gather around the world. It also explores music from around the world through the lens of how different ethnic music has affected the music of the United States. We will also take a look at holidays, traditions and other things that we think of as distinctly American that actually come from other countries. A message of strength through diversity will be a common thread throughout the presentation. “Gather Here’ will have your students engaged and learning throughout the show!

Program Summary

Grade Level


Subjects Covered

  • Culturally responsive – sustaining education

  • Strength through diversity

  • Inclusivity

  • Acceptance

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