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Music, Learning And Fun: School Nutrition Education Assembly Presentation

March 15th, 2016 in School Assemblies

Call 518-798-2030 for School Nutrition Education Assembly Presentation

As students are working hard getting ready for tests in the spring sometimes a fun break is in order. I feel good that I have found a lot of ways to engage the kids in my assemblies and workshops that keep them involved. I have learned from a lot of very talented teachers over the years. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to these people who have helped me hone my craft. It’s hard to believe that I have been a performer for almost forty years and have been specializing in my work with children for twenty of those years.

As we look ahead to spring the topic of health and nutrition always comes up. My Celebrate Nutrition program with my talented buddy Rich Ortiz is a school nutrition education assembly presentation that is really is a great way to encourage kids to be healthy. By healthy I mean mentally, physically and emotionally. We need to respect others but we have to start by respecting ourselves. This is a really fun show! Rich plays bass pedals with his feet while he creates percussion rhythms on his guitar through looping technology and then plays guitar and sings. What a talent!

I believe that kids have great taste in music. I also think that in this day and age their tastes are more sophisticated than ever. I don’t understand why some has to be dumbed down for kids by making it sound cheesy. Give them some credit! They know good music when they hear it. I play the same style and feels for kids that I play for adults.

You can listen to a few of  my school songs here. For more information or to book Songspun for your next school program or event, contact Brian directly at 518-798-2030!

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