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Autumn Anti Bullying Programs: New England, NJ, PA

October 19th, 2015 in Anti Bullying


I’ve had a great autumn so far!  I’ve been traveling extensively throughout New England, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This time of year I do a lot of my character and anti-bully programs. I find that it is a good way for schools to set the tone of their school building and school district for the year.

Character Ed & Anti-Bullying Initiatives

What we really are doing is getting together as a community and saying “This is what we are about”. It is like a celebration of what we stand for. That can mean overall character, i. e. respect, responsibility, friendship, fairness, trustworthiness, perseverance or whatever the school looks to promote through their character and / or anti-bully initiatives.

As an experienced school performer, I have been to so many different school districts in many states. Contact me at 518-798-2030 for more information on doing a school assembly in your district.

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