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"Working with Brian was a pleasure from start to finish. He embraced our objectives, worked tirelessly to achieve them, and we are thrilled with the songs that resulted. Thank you Brian. What a fantastic experience!"

Brooke Materese
Dover, MA


"Thank you Mr. C, for coming to our school and helping us write our new school song!"

Arlington, Virginia


"Brian has visited our school a number of times and each time has been incredible! While he is most certainly a talented musician, his gifts are abundant. He has a calm and understanding way with the students, yet his enthusiasm for music is absolutely contagious. What's more, he stays informed and is able to incorporate our most pressing educational changes. During his most recent visit the songs Mr. Chevalier and the students created were based on a Dignity For All Act theme, anti-bullying. And the in-depth study involved in writing and revising one's own song demonstrates our NYS Common Core Curriculum at its best! Now stop reading these reviews and get in touch with him before he’s all booked up!"

Nicole Cremo
3rd grade teacher
Jackson Heights Elementary School


"What sets Brian apart from other songwriters in schools is the opportunity he provides for further usage of the songs in the future."

Annie Campbell, Big Cross Street School, Glens Falls, NY


"He had a great rapport with the students and developed an instant bond with them."

Alan Spieldenner, 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Corinth, NY


"I can unequivocally recommend Brian Chevalier for your school. At Forest Park he has done an outstanding job of demonstrating his professionalism, dedication, and obvious love of working with children."

Denise L. Pleickhardt, Principal, Colonie, NY


"Working with Brian Chevalier was a great experience and a true example of collaboration at it's finest!"

Tricia Carlson, third grade teacher, Blue Creek Elementary School



Artist In Residence Programs

Dignity for All Students – Anti Bullying 5 day
Songwriting Residency

A proactive and creative way to prevent bullying and promote civility, tolerance and diversity while addressing the NYS Common Core Standards.

PBIS Assembly in Elementary SchoolsIn March of 2012 Brian did a songwriting residency at Jackson Heights Elementary School, Glens Falls, NY. The PBIS assembly residency was based on the Dignity for All Students Act and the NYS Character Education Mandates.

The messages of civility, tolerance and diversity were addressed through a five day songwriting residency where each class wrote, recorded and performed an original song. Common Core State Standards were met with activities addressing reading, writing, speaking and listening. This residency gave students the opportunity to have rich, meaningful discussions about all aspects of bullying and how to prevent it. The students were highly engaged as they worked through pre writing activities, the brainstorming process, lyric writing, musical composition, editing, recording and finally performing a collection of original, creative and purposeful songs. While the message of the songs was based on promoting civility, tolerance and respecting diversity, the writing process itself was just as valuable in students attaining deep and complex literacy skills.

Music Notes

Watch Brian's Anti Bully Assembly - September 2013

Music Notes

Overview of the writing process used in the Jackson Heights Dignity for All Songwriting Residency

The purpose of illustrating the steps is to show that other schools can work with Brian in a Dignity for All/Character Education/Anti Bully Songwriting residency or change the content to fit their needs.

For administrators and teachers: Residency listed below meets Dignity For All Students Act, Character Education Mandates (project SAVE) and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
View Common Core Standard Met by This Residency: PDF | Word Doc

The program listed below was completed at Jackson Heights Elementary school (grades k-4). One song was created per grade level. Brian collaborated with the Music teacher as his point person, but any content area teacher can be the point person. Additionally, a parent from the PTA chose to participate for all 5 days of the program. Brian worked with K-4 general education classes, special education classes including a 6:1:1 and 12:1:4. All students participated in all aspects of the program.

Music Notes

Step 1 - Pre Writing Activity for Students

This is an optional step that was employed by Cari Kassebaum, the music teacher at Jackson Heights. It is a pre writing activity in which she gave the students a worksheet with questions about bullying and the more subtle behaviors that precede bullying.

Download Pre write Worksheet for Grades K & 1: PDF | Word Doc
Download Pre write Worksheet for Grades 2 & 3: PDF | Word Doc
Download Pre write Worksheet for Grade 4: PDF | Word Doc

The answers the students wrote (or had parents write) were used in the brainstorming session with Brian in step two. See samples below!

Grade K-1 Sample Grade 2-3 Sample Grade 4 Sample

Music Notes

Step 2 - Brainstorming the Content of the Songs

This is where the students met Brian and, after an interactive overview of the songwriting process, they began brainstorming the content of the songs. The overall theme or topic of the song was chosen by Brian and the teachers in advance. This school did one song for every two grades. Often Brian writes one song with each grade level in a building. Here are some pics of the brainstorming charts Brian developed with classes. This is a great opportunity to have in depth conversations with kids about bullying and pre-bulling behavior and strategies for how kids can deal with it. These ideas became part of the songs.

Grade K-1 Sample Grade 2-3 Sample Grade 4 Sample

Music Notes

Step 3 - Write Rough Drafts from Student Poems

In this step classes wrote the rough drafts of their poems (that became the verses and chorus of the song) based on the brainstorming done in step two. They also revised as they wrote, a very important part of the process. Here are some pics of the rough drafts Brian developed with classes. After this they brainstormed musical styles, chords and melodies that they felt fit the lyrics they had written. Brian does this part of the process by posing questions to the students that lead him to musical ideas. The class as a whole decides which ideas they like best.

Music Notes

Step 4 - Make & Produce a CD for Students

As the songs are polished and finished, Brian records the songs in his state of the Art studio. It is also customary for Brian to then do a recording session with the students so that their vocal tracks are part of the recording as well. Jackson Heights had Brian cut them a CD with all of their original songs. That CD was duplicated for students to have a copy of their own. The school actually cut its own album!!! Students can create their own album art for the CD cover. Here are the final copy of the lyrics as well as the final copy of the songs.

View Final Draft Lyrics for Grades K & 1
View Final Draft Lyrics for Grades 2 & 3
View Final Draft Lyrics for Grades 4

Listen to kids Songs Grades K & 1
Listen to kids Songs Grades 2 & 3
Listen to kids Songs Grades 4

View sheet music Mrs. Cari Kassebaum produced for kids with Friendship is Our Dream song.

Music Notes

Step 5- Post Writing Activity for Students

This was an optional step that was employed by classroom teachers. A Post Writing Activity sheet was used with all classes to generate reflection and summarization of the entire songwriting experience. From that, a variety of writing activities were chosen by the classroom teachers:

Younger grades drew pictures and wrote thank you notes.

Second grade wrote fables with guidelines given in advance. There had to be a bully and regular kid and the story had to contain a conflict which in the end had to be resolved.

Other teachers chose to have their students write quatrain and cinquain poems.


Another class chose to do venn diagrams.

The residency was completed with a finale assembly in which the students presented their songs to the rest of the school, one of which was a new school song.

Music Notes

A Special Thank You to Mrs. Cari Kassebaum!

"I would like to thank Mrs. Cari Kassebaum for her dedication during this project
and all that she did to not only make this residency possible, but really making the most of this experience for the students at Jackson Heights Elementary School.

She is an example of the difference that a truly dedicated and talented
teacher can make."

~ Brian Chevalier

Music Notes

A Thank You from the Students to Brian!

Music Notes

For more information or to book Brian for your next anti bullying school program or event contact Brian directly online or at 518-798-2030 today!

Music Notes

Anti Bullying Resources

“The standards insist that instruction in reading, writing, speaking, listening and language be a shared responsibility within the school.”

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Kids Health - What Kids Say About Bullying
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